Historic Fashion Prints- Bibliophile Jacob

In our continuing series introducing the Ringling Museum Library’s collection of rare books related to the history of fashion, we come to

The XVIIIth Century : its institutions, customs, and costumes, France, 1700-1789 by Paul Lacroix, aka Bibliophile Jacob. Published by Chapman and Hall, London. 1876.

This book is “Illustrated with 21 chromolithographs and 351 wood engravings, after Watteau, Vanloo, Rigaud, Boucher, Lancret, J. Vernet, Chardin, Jeaurat, Bouchardon, Saint-Aubin, Eisen, Gravelot, Moreau, Cochin, Wille, Debucourt, etc, etc etc”, and tells a history through illustrations of the 18th Century in France, up to the Revolution in 1789. The book contains both black and white and color illustrations, and focuses its chapters on distinct aspects of French culture.

This book was donated to the library’s Rare Book Room in 1970 by the Friends of the Library. Please enjoy the selected plates from the chapter on costume and fashion.


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