A History of English Furniture: The Age of Walnut

The Restoration of Three Volumes Funded by Bertha Honore Palmer Chapter #11355 of Questers International

The Age of Walnut: by Percy Macquoid. Plates illustrated by Shirley Slocombe. Published by Laurence & Cullen LTD, London, 1905 and G.P putnam’s Sons, New York, 1905.

The Age of Walnut, the second of the set, is an analysis of English furniture from 1660-1720. A tumultuous time for England, the end of the 17th century produced some interesting decorative variation that Maquiod studies in depth. The books analysis of England’s furniture during the time of the Restoration, Glorious Revolution, and the burgeoning age of renewed English pride is an interesting look on the effects of historical and cultural events on the development of furniture style. Macquoid describes the evolution of furniture style as having three distinct periods the first being the Restoration, the second being Dutch influence, and the third a renewed “English Spirit” in the early part of the 18th century. It was a time in which England was slowly drifting away from the simple Puritan furniture of the mid-seventeenth century to the renewed opulence of the Restoration and Glorious Revolution. The volume contains firsthand accounts of various furniture pieces and room decorations as well as 15 plates and 223 photographs and sketches illustrated by the author. Each colored plate depicts a different type of furniture from the period as well as a description on the facing page of the type of furniture depicted, the dimensions, and the owner at the time of publication.


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