A History of English Furniture: The Age of Mahogany

The Restoration of Three Volumes Funded by Bertha Honore Palmer Chapter #1355 of Questers International

The Age of Mahogany: by Percy Macquoid. Plates illustrated by Shirley Slocombe. Published by Laurence & Cullen LTD, London, 1905 and G.P putnam’s Sons, New York, 1906

The Age of Mahogany, the third in the set of Macquoid’s A History of English Furniture, is a study of English Furniture from 1720-1770. This volume deals with the influence of the French and the emergence of Eastern influence on the furniture of England. The influence of George I’s Master woodcarver, Gringling Gibbon was also taken into account as he contributed to the wood carvings of the premiere architect of the time, Christopher Wren. The volume contains firsthand accounts of decorations and woodcarvings of the time as well as 15 plates and 254 photographs and sketches illustrated by the author. Each plate depicts a style from the periods discussed. On the facing page of each plate there is a description of the type of furniture depicted, the dimensions, and the owner at the time of publication.


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