Shiny new acquisitions.

The Library has been intensely acquiring new titles for the past couple of months. This means we’re up to our eyeballs in fresh tomes on art! We’re also collecting to support current and upcoming exhibits here at the Ringling Museum in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Our newest favorites include Photography: The whole story by Juliet Hacking, Caspar David Friedrich by Johannes Grave, Fashion: A definitive history of costume and style by The Smithsonian and DK Publishing, Drawing surrealism by Leslie Jone et al, and The art of the salon by Norbert Wolf.

Though we don’t have a circulating collection, the library is open to the public and these books, along with thousands of others, are available for perusal 5 days a week. Stop by and see the newest  additions to our collection of nearly 90,000 art books. You won’t be disappointed.

~Mēgan Oliver, Assistant Librarian


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