July 24th 2013: Friends of the Library FREE event

dodosanddarklanternsThe Friends of The Ringling Art Library present a FREE lecture on a brand new book chronicling the history of the first public museum in Great Britain, The Ashmolean. David Berry will discuss his new book, Dodos and Dark Lanterns, how the book came together, and why this history is so important to museum’s today. This lecture is on July 24th from 10:30-12:00pm at The Ringling Education Center, Classroom 1003 & requires no museum admission.
David did his doctorate on the history of collections at the University of Oxford.  He has worked as a curator at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, where he was responsible for the founding collection and historic archive.  For the last two years, he has been preparing a new history of the Ashmolean, which tells the story of the first public museum through objects from its collections, past and present. He is currently The Ringling’s Assistant Director of Research, Education & Publications.

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